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Top 5 Baby Items for Fall


I love, love, love, dressing my daughter. Did I mention I love it? I whole heartedly know that she might very well grow up to hate fashion and want to shun all things mainstream but something tells me that she is going to love putting together a great outfit the way that I do(it might be her love of all things sparkly). Not only do I love finding fun and unique outfits for her, but I love getting to create cute outfits  based on the current season. Here is a list of the 5 items that I feel are great for an infant girl this Fall:


1.  Baby Bling Bow in Pumpkin.

Obsessed. I am obsessed with this line of bows. After searching many different sites and stores this one is by far my favorite. The bows hold their shape, are comfortable on baby’s head, and best of all they make it through the washer! I found these on Nordstrom’s website but they also have their own site as well.

2.Fur Vest

You can literally dress up any outfit with this vest. It is affordable, warm, and most of all animal friendly(in that it’s not made of one.) I found this one at Carters.

3.Bandana Bib 

I have bought various packs of different kinds of bandana bibs. They range in price from $12-18 and can be purchased on Amazon. I love to add a fun bandana bib to my daughter’s outfit for a pop of color and to do a little drool control.

4.Bold T-shirt 

I am a complete sucker for a sassy saying on a T-shirt! I love to pair a T-shirt with some cute jeans or leggings. My best advice is to not stick to just gender specific T-shirts. I have bought plenty of cute shirts in the boys sections that my Daughter looks great in! The T-shirt featured here is from Old Navy and was bought on sale for $5.

5. Moccasins 

These gold and cream polkadot moccasins are my absolute favorite. I have become a bit of a shoe snob when it comes to children’s shoes. These Freshly Picked are high quality, flexible and considering how much she has worn them adequately priced. I purchased these off of Nordstrom’s for around $60. I know there is a bit of sticker shock with the price but to be fair these shoes have been used for 5 months now and still fit! Consider that the price is saving you from the agony of picking up socks that just can’t seem to stay on little feet.

Hopefully I have inspired you to perk up your infants wardrobe or to make a great purchase for a friend or family member’s newest addition.

Until next time-

E. Harris

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