It’s Time to Rethink Your Nursery Christmas Tree

Over the years my loving,supportive, and patient husband has asked me  “why do we have so many Christmas trees?!”The short answer “because I love them!”I grew up with a Mother and Nana that decked the house out for Christmas. My favorite memories are of my Mom and Nana placing individually decorated Christmas trees in mine and my siblings rooms at their homes. I loved sleeping each night in the glow of my own Christmas tree. Christmas Eve I would stare at my Christmas tree willing my eyes to stay open so that I could prove that Santa was real. This tradition is one that I have been so excited to start this year.

Fun Fact: The letters on the wall are available for purchase in my Etsy Store.

With all things that I do I search really hard to find a way to make whatever project I am working on affordable. The end result of my daughters tree was so fabulous (If I do say myself) and did not break the bank. If you have been reading my blog you will have noticed that there is a theme of gold polka dots when dealing with all things baby. I knew that I wanted the tree to be in gold and that I wanted to possibly explore using various forms of the letter A. Well, I got a bit distracted by all the gold and glitter and took a slight detour towards “Gold & Whimsy.” I was inspired by beautiful art deco letters at Anthropologie, but looking at the cost of all of the letters, that was getting out of hand. Luckily I took a stroll through budget friendly Target and acquired all but one of the items to decorate her tree.


What You Need:

  1. Start Small: no need to get a big tree when you’re working within a nursery. A 3ft tree is a great place to start.
  2. Fabric:Make sure that the fabric that you choose as your tree skirt is one that matches the decor of the rest of the room. Sometimes people choose a skirt just because they assume they need one and that it has to be that hideous shade of hunter green with strange gold embellishments on it. I choose a chevron pattern that would compliment the other patterns in Ava’s room.
  3. Embellishments: By embellishments I mean GARLAND. don’t be afraid to wrap that garland vertically and horizontally. I am in LOVE with the puff ball garland that I found in the cheapy section of Target. Also mixing and matching different types of garland creates a fun texture. The pearl garland that I found gives great volume.
  4. A Theme:Believe me the best trees are trees that don’t look like you don’t even know what type of look you were going for. Glitter. Glitter is a theme. Glitter and gold caught my eye and somehow those bird feathers and hearts totally made sense. Throw in two other colors and it becomes a hot mess.
All ornaments purchased at Target except the Pretzel I found at Anthropologie.

Let’s just be clear, I am totally all for a classic kids tree with their own creations and primary colors all over the place, but that is a tree that I never even went for as a kid. I remember decorating a tree to look like Kay Thompson’s Eloise tree. She had rubber boots and spatulas and all sorts of odds and ends in her illustrations and it was a really fun tree. Kids trees are about imagination and can be filled with sophistication if you do it right.

-E. Harris

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