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Christmas DIYS & Hacks


Hot Cocoa Station

I really don’t even understand how I didn’t think of this before. Best idea ever! This little station has been sitting on our countertop next to our Keurig since the tree went up. It’s a great idea for a party or if you are going to have house guests. Great for kids and even better for adults if you leave out the Peppermint Schnapps. Make it even more festive by adding jars of marshmallows and chocolate covered peppermint sticks.

 Ditch the Wreath

I went looking for a wreath to place on by the side of my front door. Everything that I came across was too gaudy. Those were hard words for me to say as I am a firm believer in gaudy at Christmas is completely appropriate. But any who, seeing as how I need to be able to afford presents for those I love I could not find anything within my budget. I happened to come across this at HomeGoods. for $12 I have a great little saying that adds some cheer to my front door.

toottootlighthack Customize Your Strand

I am obsessed with the lights that we put on our house this year. And I was Obsessed with doing globe lights and even more obsessed with them being white and red. I simply picked up a couple of strands of each, poured myself a glass of wine and got to switching! Try customizing your light strands through different color patterns and bulb sizes.


DIY Clothespin Present Embellishment 


My husband needed some clothespins for a project he was working on and then it turned into “pick me up a pack too!” This DIY was so easy to do and one that you could even have some little helpers put those busy hands to use.



What you will need:

Elmer’s Glue,CLOTHESPINS, brush, glitter,glitter & more glitter, chalk paint, brown bag or card stalk(for gift tag).
There really is no wrong way to do this. I do however suggest the white chalk paint if you are going to be using clear glitter as it looks really beautiful on the white. Find a place where you can spread out and simply spread some glue onto one side of the clothespin, then place it onto a paper plate or piece of paper and sprinkle glitter and let dry.


These clothespins are a great addition to a wax paper bag filled with baked goodies.
This project is definitely one that can be done by even the most creatively challenged person. Don’t stop here with the uses for the clothespins think of using them as:

  • Magnets
  • Card Holders
  • Ornament Hangers
  • Paper Organizers
  • Glittered Object. Need I put anymore examples? Make an excuse to use it!

Until next time,

-E. Harris

2 thoughts on “Christmas DIYS & Hacks

    1. It turned out to be so cute! Also, unfortunately there are some people with some sticky fingers in the neighborhood. So, if this happens to go missing at least it was on $12 bucks! Some people.


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