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Get Weird This New Year: My New Year’s Resolutions

“Hello my name is Erica and I have no shame.”
My sister called me recently and asked me very candidly “what do you plan on leaving behind in 2015?” Me being the smart-ass that I am retorted with ” The last 10 pounds of baby weight.” To be honest that would be nice and the goal to be healthy always looms closely, but I had decided beginning last year that I would be somewhat unorthodox with my New Years resolution(s). Last year I chose something that I felt was entirely attainable and something that was fun and different. Last year I made the resolution to buy a lottery ticket each week. I can say that I gave $1-2 each week for a total of 6 months. This was the furthest that I had ever gone with my resolutions. I believe that I would have continued with it had I not reduced the amount of driving that I did thus reducing the amount of gas stations that I would be frequenting. Also, having a baby completely adds a new challenge to “quickly” popping in anywhere with those damn awkward car seats. Usually a resolution is to benefit you and since I have not claimed to be a Powerball winner it is safe to say that the only benefit that I received from this resolution was counting the amount of money I had thrown away. But you see to me it wasn’t being wasteful, If I won…well I was set for life! If I continued to lose (or not receive any cash prize)the California public school systems were receiving extra funding and there for I was giving a few dollars to help a great cause.

This year I have decided that I will have one new resolution and one renewal of one. The new resolution this year will be to drink two cold glasses of water every morning. I am terrible at drinking water! I have also read that drinking cold water in the morning gets your metabolism going. Hydrating myself while jump starting my metabolism and having glowing skin seems like I will be receiving many benefits from this resolution. There is only one thing that could get in my way, our incredibly slow water purifier. Goodness does it take a year to get a cold glass of pure water! The renewal of a resolution will be to buy my weekly Powerball ticket. 

Go ahead, pledge to shed the weight, to become a better version of you, get creative and try a new kind of resolution. Most of all get a little weird, because it’s kind of fun.

Post your New Year’s resolution bellow and consider it a kind of commitment. You’re putting it out to the universe now.

Happy New Year!

-E. Harris

3 thoughts on “Get Weird This New Year: My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. OK, Universe, here’s my resolution… one that my family will laugh at already. In 2016, I resolve to be less of a night owl. Pretty funny thought because here I am writing my resolution after 11:00pm. (Still the early part of the evening, don’t you know?)

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  2. Mine is to be more decisive. Wait no… To finish what I start (like one of the 10 books on my nightstand, the 3 blogs I have started or any fitness challenge ever). Or maybe to have more fun. No, definitely to save money by only spending on essentials. Ugh! I can’t decide on one!

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