DIY: Ikea Cake Stand Hack

I grew up in a place where Ikea did not exist. I would hear about these magical Ikea runs from the teachers that I worked with at one Montessori School and didn’t really think much more about it. That is until I moved to a place with one.Game.Changer. I get it! I get it! Ikea is the place that if you are lucky enough the majority of your furnishings comes from when you are in your early 20’s until you cycle it out when you are in your 30’s. I remember many a night of my husband and I putting together ikea furniture and saying “someday we will be able to afford furniture that is already put together(while turning to page 2,000).” Besides furniture I have gotten so many things from ikea to help with decor for my wedding, holidays, dinner parties and craft projects
.IkeaHackCake-toottoot.jpg A while back I ran into a hack on Pinterest on how to make a cake holder from a dollar tree candle and plate. I’m going to say that was another fail. It did look like like I only spent $2 so I can’t say I wasn’t forewarned. I can say with complete confidence that I am so happy with this Ikea Hack at only $10.

Wedding Paper Divas - Free ShippingSuppliesforikeacakehack-2.jpg

When I said that this was a $10 dollar project I meant it! I picked out a plate that would be very versatile and found myself drawn to the silver candle base. I did do a bit of research on what glue would work best to adhere glass and metal/ceramic together. Believe it or not Krazy Glue was it! The thing that I liked best about this glue is that you can paint it on to the object you will be adhering to. I tried another glue last time I attempted this and it did not work as well as this glue. I feel really secure that this cake stand is stuck together. With this being said I would still go ahead and hand wash this as I am not sure if water might have an affect on the bond.


 I was surprised that I found myself so drawn to something that turned out to look very traditional but I feel this is a really great look. I can’t wait to use it for future get togethers and will be playing around with plates of various sizes. How cute would it be to use a smaller plate  to do a smash cake stand for my daughters first birthday? There’s a big possibility that you will be seeing more of these in blogs down the road.

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-E. Harris

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