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5 Realities That Will Hit You the First Month of Parenthood

 You know that you already have a month of changes headed your way when you welcome your tiny human into the world. There are counteless “5 things you ought to know” blogs out there but majority of the ones that I read before I had my daughter left out a few things that I was quick to realize.

1. Breastfeeding is not Natural

You attended all the classes, you read all those books, you bought nursing covers and you are going to be one lactating goddess. Fast forward to week one of motherhood and your having latching issues, you feel awkward nursing, your body is still not your own, it’s not all that natural. I thought that it would be a breeze since my body was in essence doing what it was naturally meant to do. It was stressful and not how I pictured it to be. I took the lactation class before my daughter was born but they never really got to the part on how to trouble shoot breastfeeding but they certainly told me how to breastfeed and that dammit “breast is best.”Just know that there are numerous resources out there and you will do what is best for you and your baby.

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2. You will sit

You will sit. You will sit even more than you thought a human could possibly sit. No one told me how much sitting there will be when you are a parent. You will sit to feed your child, you will sit while you are talking to relatives about your child, and you will sit because you are tired. Perhaps this changes on child 2 but I found the amount of sitting that was being done out of this world.

3. Breastfeeding will make the weight fall off!

Ummm, why am I baking cookies every other day? Why am I craving food even more now that my tiny human is here? The weight will keep falling off as long as I’m breastfeeding right? Wrong! I craved food after my daughter was born and not when I was pregnant. All I wanted was sweets too! You know what though, that first month is hard. You eat your feelings and then when you make it over the hump of newness you eat one less cookie.

4. People will Feed you, and food is Love

People are going to want to feed you. Let them! Even if you are not hungry you put it in the freezer. This time will be brief and it might be their admission fee to holding a newborn baby, but it’s food and you didn’t have to make it. My husband and I reminisce on the times that we were brought food and how glorious it was to not have to take care of the baby and make dinner.

5. You will Grieve

It doesn’t matter if you choose to start this new chapter in your life with excitement or if this new chapter was a surprise. You will grieve how much simpler your life was, how you could dash to the store at any time to get something, how you didn’t have to think about being spontaneous, how you were able to indulge in binge watching tv and many more things. Guess what? It’s okay it’s totally normal and you should allow yourself time to grieve because change is hard and for the most part temporary.

Please like this blog if you enjoyed it and feel free to reminisce about your first month of Parenthood in the comment section. What stood out to you the first month?

-E. Harris

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