Things Are Stacking Up

Things are stacking up next to my bed. My nightstand is becoming a hoarding spot for books to be read. I know that I’m not the only one guilty of this habit. I love to read and I love finding a great book. I love great books so much that I currently have 4 rather large books on my bedside table that are all supposed to be pretty great. I think that the fact that I have sampled and/or delved into each of them at various points might be a reflection of my generations attention to reading books as a whole. We like to sample pieces and feel free to jump around and continue to read an article, blog, book when it calls to us in-between watching tv and googling random facts and watching cat videos on YouTube. I remember the days of spending hours reading books and loving the freedom of having a library card where I could devour multiple books in a day only to return them and start anew with a whole new stack.tootootreadingblog.jpg

Well since I have come clean about my book hoarding let me tell you the books that I do have as they are all truly great and maybe you might start a little collection of your own.

Mad Men Carousel was a great find. I mentioned this book in a previous blog. It is such a fun way to look at a memorable tv series. It takes a thorough look at each and every episode of Mad Men. How cool is it to have a whole book dedicated to the ins and outs of one of the best TV shows ever?

Sinatra the Chairman & Frank the Voice are two books on the charismatic and complicated Frank Sinatra. I heard the NPR interview on Sinatra the Chairman and I was so excited to read more. It is a very thorough book that takes a look into Sinatra and how he reinvented himself into a movie star and the character that we and pop culture remember today. If you are into biographies these books are truly captivating and wonderfully done.

Calling Me Home I picked up because I was wanting to read something in the same genre as The Help. This is a great novel about a hairdresser and her client that have developed a special friendship that takes them both on a road trip back to one of their towns. I could say more but of all the books on my nightstand this is the one that I have delved into the least.

Pictured above is the stack of books and on top of that stack there is an iPad that contains far too many great stories to read (Honorable mentions to The Paris Wife), however I have finished reading all of those. There is something about holding an actual book in your hands that brings comfort and warmth on a winter night.Alright enough writing about my stack of books. The baby is asleep, my tea is warm, and it’s time to read!

I love book suggestions, If you like this blog please like it and PLEASE put a book title in the comment section bellow that you feel I should add to my stack.

-E. Harris


One thought on “Things Are Stacking Up

  1. Very intrigued by two of your books – Mad Men Carousel (love the Carousel reference) and Sinatra the Chairman (because I am my mother’s daughter). My book club just chose our books for the year and I am most looking forward to reading The Girl on the Train, The Mayor of Castro Street about Harvey Milk, and the Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. I will love to hear other suggestions.

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