To The Person (Insert Heartwarming Story)

I have been told that I have many opinions by women who have inspired my outspokenness. So to honor them I think that it is only right that I put out this opinion to the universe. Remember in elementary school where you were assigned a topic and you and all of your classmates followed the… Continue reading To The Person (Insert Heartwarming Story)

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DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

Another Valentine’s Day tutorial! I love, love, love flowers on Valentine’s day but I have never been one to want roses. This arrangement turned out to be so sweet and cheerful that really you could use it as a gift to a friend, your mom, as a centerpiece at a party and many other ways.… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

DIY · Holiday

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like LOVE DAY!

I Love, Love, Love Valentines Day! It doesn’t matter if I was single, in a relationship, or stating “it’s complicated.” I have always loved Valentine’s day. Perhaps it’s my love of chocolate, pink and sparkles that merge together on one fabulous day that puts me in such a great mood. Now I don’t take the… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like LOVE DAY!