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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like LOVE DAY!

I Love, Love, Love Valentines Day! It doesn’t matter if I was single, in a relationship, or stating “it’s complicated.” I have always loved Valentine’s day. Perhaps it’s my love of chocolate, pink and sparkles that merge together on one fabulous day that puts me in such a great mood. Now I don’t take the decor to Christmas time levels but I do have a few things placed here and there to spread the love. I was especially excited about some of the window clings that I was able to find at Target this year. They had the cutest donut and cupcake (what a mix!) window clings that I put on my daughter’s window.

 I wish that the garland on the fireplace had pictured better. I joke with my husband that it is our “stalker garland” as it’s message reads a bit intense “LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” Did you notice the cute donut window cling? I seriously could die of cuteness overload.

Often times the best places that I have found Valentine decor has been Target and Dollar Tree. Last year I scored on cute glittered heart cut outs and paper heart doilies. This year at Target I found cute little mailboxes in the dollar section that I put some kisses in and decorated with some of the glittered hearts to make some sweet valentines.


Come to think of it all of the items in the picture to the left were acquired in the thrifty section of Target or at the Dollar Tree. My affinity for paper straws and their many uses are starting to show in my blogs. But they are perfect to add a pop of color to otherwise bland gifts! How cute is that straw in the milk glass filled with kisses?












I’m glad that I could share some of my fun decor with you!

-E. Harris





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