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Baby Girl Valentine’s Day

I realized that when I looked at my daughter’s closet that I may be getting out of control when it comes to Valentine outfits. Oh, well they’re only little once right? Here is a compilation of all of my favorite outfits my little one has been rocking lately. One of the best tips that I can give you and one that you will see me repeat over and over is if you might have an idea of what size your little one will be the following year try and purchase some of the cute outfits you see on sale or clearance. You can get all of the things that you want for your little one just think ahead a bit!




Of all of the outfits that are in her closet my favorite has been this hug and kisses outfit from GAP. I can not even begin to tell you how cute the corduroy pants are on her too! the GAP is by far one of my favorite places to buy an outfit when there is a sale going on. This time she had her Mimi on hand to make sure that she would have some fabulous threads to celebrate the holiday. I can’t wait to see what other outfits are waiting for me to snag on sale this year!

-E. Harris


One thought on “Baby Girl Valentine’s Day

  1. It’s Mimi here. I have to agree with Mom on this one. The Hugs and Kisses onesie is adorable especially, coming from someone that loths Valentine’s Day. Having 4 children of my own, I also love GAP clothes for kids. Their clothes are very well made and can withstand the many washing that children’s clothing are subjected to. I purchased a lot of adorable outfits for Ava at such an incredible savings plus, I earned $100 in GAP cash to buy even more. Erica LOVE, LOVE, LOVES Valentine’s Day and I am very happy to indulge her and Ava in anything that sparkles and makes them happy.

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