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DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

TooTooT Valentine's Day DIYAnother Valentine’s Day tutorial! I love, love, love flowers on Valentine’s day but I have never been one to want roses. This arrangement turned out to be so sweet and cheerful that really you could use it as a gift to a friend, your mom, as a centerpiece at a party and many other ways.
The best part about this project it that it literally took me all of 30 minutes to do. I will admit that I could have waited a little bit longer on the paint but se la vie. Get ready to grab your glue gun and mason jar and let the Valentine’s Day love bug get to you!

TooTooT Valentine's Day DIYMaterials:

1 large mason jar

white chalk paint

gold acrylic paint


foam hearts

flowers of your choosing

glue gun

paint brush


First paint your mason jar and let sit.


Next take your foam hearts and sandwich the bamboo skewers in-between securing with hot glue.


Once your white paint has dried paint 1/4 of the jar from the bottom going upwards gold. Then take your flowers and cut them at various lengths to suit the size and height of the jar. Once you are confident about your flower placement place the heart skewers intermittently in the arrangement to add an extra bit of sparkle.


Could this be any easier? I can not wait to give mine to someone pretty special. In the mean time I am going to enjoy it for myself.

Happy Love Day!

-E. Harris


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