To The Person (Insert Heartwarming Story)

I have been told that I have many opinions by women who have inspired my outspokenness. So to honor them I think that it is only right that I put out this opinion to the universe. Remember in elementary school where you were assigned a topic and you and all of your classmates followed the same format of writing? There is a real trend in social media of personal blogs and Facebook posts entitled “To the person…” and I have to say it’s kind of driving me nuts. Sure they are all very heartwarming (well most of them) and they might make you feel good about the world for a small while. But to me it seems a bit ridiculous that we are creating a nation of people that rather then tell the person who impacted their day by their kind action, they choose to write a post that could potentially be shared with millions and never impact the person performing the good deed. I love and share many stories of people going out of their way to pay it forward but am encouraging all of you to stop with these silly “missed connection” posts. I encourage you to tell the person who did the good deed that you noticed and to congratulate them and to put it out into the universe that you yourself will strive harder to be a person of compassion and to think of others in your busy everyday life.

So to the person reading this blog (insert sarcastic voice) be a better version of you tomorrow and strive to give your seat up to the elderly man or woman on the bus, to offer a kind word to someone that you noticed went out of their way to be kind, to hold the door open for another person with a smile, to offer your spot in line to the mom struggling to keep it together before dinner time, and to offer a bottle of water to the man or women with many miles on their face and shoes holding a sign and inspire others by your actions.

-E. Harris


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