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Diaper Tips & Tricks

Here’s the deal, the first month of having a baby you will turn into the person talking about the various colors of poop your genius child has left you to clean up after. It’s just how it is. Even more so you will find that you and your partner are having full on conversations about it! The one thing that I felt super prepared for with parenthood was my arrangement when it came to diaper changing. Here are some of the tips and tricks that I learned that are going to save you.

Tip# 1 Get a Basket for Diapers for Every Room



Maybe not every room. But get a basket large enough to hold a few of the basics to keep in your room so that you aren’t stumbling around to change baby in their room when you can easily do it, well anywhere! I had a basket in my bedroom, and the baby room that I filled with diapers, baby butt paste, liners, diaper bags(for soiled diapers), and baby wipes. I thought that this was absolutely amazing. It is exhausting enough taking care of a newborn that having everything at my fingertips saved my sanity.

Some of the items that I keep in my diaper basket all of the time.
Tip #2 Diapers Delivered

I thought that I had the whole diaper thing down. I was going to go to my favorite online sites and look for coupons and save on diapers weekly. Please! I did not want to waste my energy on this the first few months when I could be catching some well needed z’s. I found that the best option for me would be to order from Honest company. The first couple of months this meant that for diapers and wipes I would be paying around $20 a week. Now it has decreased to around $14 a week. The best part for me was setting a delivery schedule and knowing that a package would be here monthly with all of the supplies that I needed. There are so many alternatives to buying in person. There is Amazon, target, there are even companies that will pick up your soiled cloth diapers. Think about this one. It has worked out great for our family.

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

Tip #3 Changing Pad Liners not Covers


I love the cute cover that I bought for the changing pad. I however, did not love the price of buying multiples. Plus what is the point if you can just put a simple liner down and remove it for the times that you want to put your nursery on display? I found three packs of these changing pad liners on amazon for a third of the cost.

I hope that you have found some of these tips to be helpful!

-E. Harris






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