Gift Basket Inspiration 

Men can be really hard to shop for and I consider myself to be a great shopper! Recently it was my father-in-laws birthday and I found myself a bit stumped on what to get him. That’s when I decided that a basket would be the perfect thing to do. This is also the point where I decided that it would be great to share my basket inspiration with others who might be stumped on the perfect gift too. 
First think about that person’s interests,and consider building upon previous gifts. My father-in-law recently took an interest in baking artisan bread. For Christmas I bought him a great book of detailed recipes that talks about the chemistry involved in baking bread. That’s when the light bulb went off! A basket to compliment the book. I went to Marshall’s where they carry great baskets and then went to my favorite grocery store to find the rest.

At the grocery store I found some wonderful spices that could be used for bread or poultry as well as a great bottle of olive oil. My husband picked up some great stouts and a ciabatta loaf and it was that simple! 


Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of the completed basket, but you get the idea.

-E. Harris 


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