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Favorite Baby Boy Gifts

A month or so ago I had the privilege of celebrating my husband’s cousin’s first baby. I was so excited to pass on some of my favorite gifts that I had discovered onto this new baby boy. I relied heavily on my two favorite places (Amazon & Marshalls) and feel like I was able to hit it out of the ball park. I will also confess that as a golden rule I never follow anyones registries. I know, I know, but why? Why? Because no one really knows what they want or need but don’t want to be asked repeatedly about it. This is especially true to new moms. You don’t know what will work! That’s why you end up with half a garage full of stuff that you sell 6 months later to other people that figured it out.

Don’t sweat it. I’m going to list my favorite baby boy gifts and inspire you to spice up your gift basket at the next shower you attend. I am even feeling generous enough to give you a little breakdown of why I love the product so that you’ll sound like a total pro.

FullSizeRender-1 2.jpg
I can’t even stand all of the cuteness.

Starting from the top left:

Kiki: Kiki is a great teether and a fun toy to have around. Kiki is sold at Target and is the cheaper alternative to Sophie the giraffe. This is the one teether that I keep in my diaper bag at all times because kiki saves the day often.

Onesie: I always try to get a onesie size 12-18 months because you will get to the point where your child has grown a size over night and nothing fits, but you will have one onesie to carry you through. I also try to get a print that is fun and different. This one was purchased at Old Navy.

Nuby Cups: THE BEST GIFT. My daughter was given staking cups at her shower and of all the gifts that she received these are the ones that she plays with everyday. Children LOVE cups. These were purchased at Marshalls.

The Bottom Row:

Bandana Bibs: I by these on Amazon. They are great for every teething baby. They also add a cute accessory to a plain onesie.

Baby Banana Brush: It will save your life. The soft bristles massage sore gums. So far it is the only chew toy that soothes my daughters achey gums and it makes learning how to brush your teeth fun. Purchased on Amazon.

Teething Biscuits: These are another great teether. They are BPA free all good stuff for a little one to chew on and come in a duo package. The cute little teethers are attached on a string and can hang from moms neck, attach to a car seat, or stroller. Supper fun conversation piece too! Purchased on Amazon.

Taggie: This cute taggie hangs from a carseat and makes a soothing chyme sound. Any type of carseat entertainment is a fabulous and much needed item. Purchased at Marshalls.

Zoom, Zoom, Baby!: Love, Love, Love Karen Katz and her “lift the flap” books. It’s always a great idea to add a favorite book to a gift bag.



Lastly find a cute bag that fits the theme of the nursery or shower. I came across this adorable fabric elephant bag that can also be used as storage or to play with.




As always thank you for reading!

-E. Harris


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