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Easy as A,B,C Hack

I just now figured out why magnetic letters have existed in kitchens for so long, distraction, distraction, distraction. Parents grew tired of their toddlers going through their cabinets. Therefore the solution has been to stick distracting shiny things on the fridge for them to play with. Now that I understand the reason why, I decided it was time for me to jump on this bandwagon. But if you know me well through following my blog, I’m one who has to personalize things. And since I have a background in early education one of my biggest pet peeve’s has been overly brightly colored things in relation to preschool age children. So I had to take these magnetic letters up a notch. Here is the most simplehack tutorial  you’ll come across today, and one guaranteed to make your house feel a little less primary.

your supplies: magnetic letters and spray paint.

This was also the cheapest DIY I have done in a while. I chose two spray paints that I already had on hand in gold and silver. I had come across the magnetic letters at the grocery store but decided that I wanted large letters since my crazy teething monster likes to stick everything in her mouth and aestethic wise I liked the look of the ones that I found on Amazon. 

Lay out your letters on any preferred throwaway surface, most preferably outside.

Janie and Jack Sale on Now

Spray and let sit. 

Enjoy the end results! I didn’t get too crazy with coverage. I thought it was fun to let a little bit of color show on the sides. But how simple is this? Best of all baby has a new activity that doesn’t involve rummaging through the pantry. 

– E. Harris 

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