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My Baby Clothes System

I like clothes. In fact I will even admit that I have a problem. Finding out I was pregnant was an amazing excuse to transfer that shopping energy to another human being. But here’s where I don’t have a problem, the amount of money that I spend for the quality of items that I purchase. I’m a savy shopper so I get what I want. Here are a few tricks and tips that I have learned to minimize the cost and maximize the little’s style.

Buy Ahead 

Estimate your child’s size for the following year at the time of seasonal sales. This has been one of my best strategies. I am able to get the quality items that I like and the items that were out of reach at a great price. Simply place in the closet and come the following year when the weather starts to change and your child has grown, you already have clothing items available. 

Buy 1 or 2 pairs of quality shoes
This tip is to be completely ignored if shoes are just your thing and you can’t resist buying a multitude of tiny shoe options. But for me I choose to buy 1 or two quality moccasins that matched the majority of my daughters outfits. My favorite brand is freshly picked. The great thing about FP is that the shoes hold their value and so I was able to resell them when my daughter outgrew them only losing about 1/4 of the price that I paid (more on that bellow).When she was 1-6 months old I really loved Trumpettes line of socks that looked like shoes and were so affordable and washed really well.


If you have the space and plan on having more children I suggest a storage system. I have Tupperware containers that I have chosen to hold some of my favorite outfits in. I also use a system of newborn to 6 months 6 months to. 12 months per container and so on. When your child has outgrown some items place them in one of these marked containers(tip: don’t write on container of clear place a sheet of paper in the front to label box). I suggest that when your child is turning one to open up those boxes and to see if you still feel as attached to the articles. Chances are you will be more willing to get rid of clothes once your out of the complete baby daze. 

Selling, Donating, Bundling & Social Media 

Here is where I have really mastered my system. When you buy or receive an item always leave the tag on until washing prior to immediate wear. There are two reasons for this. One you can return things if your child outgrows the items, or you simply don’t like what your purchased or were given. Two if you choose to sell them you will get more money back. 

After you have decided what clothes to keep or donate, SELL THEM. Sell them individually or bundle them and use your social media skills. I use an app called Nextdoor to sell clothing. If you have not heard of Nextdoor it is a social media site that allows you to connect with your neighborhood. I also joined mom resale groups in my area and sell items there. Lastly I save some of my nicer items to sell on Poshmark. 

Gymboree Sale On Now!

Selling gently used, quality clothes creates this great cycle where I get sometimes a 50-75% return on my purchases where I then take that money and use it to purchase more clothing. Win! Win! 

Have any tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment below. 

-E. Harris 

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