YouTube Confession

I have a confession to make. I am a YouTube channel subscriber. For the past two years I have been a loyal subscriber to around a dozen channels or so. I cannot go to sleep unless I have tuned in and watched the current videos on these various channels. It’s borderline embarrassing how much I love these channels. You’re probably wondering what lead me to this confession. It might be that there was a trending # on Twitter that inspired this. So now that I have aired my dirty secret I’m ready to just let it all out and tell you about these channels. 

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Ellie & Jared 

I love this cute little family! I started watching them when I was pregnant with Ava and I haven’t stopped since. They are this cute, wholesome family of daily bloggers that blog about their everyday events. They have roots in the Mormon community but do not make that a whole piece of the blog but hint at the parts that make up the threads of their family dynamic.They started blogging about their infertility struggles and then have branched out since then. Ellie is a sweet, trendy, bubbly Mom of 2 that also does her own makeup/product review/parenting channel. Jared is also bubbly, musically inclined and has a ridiculous love of Dr. Pepper. This families followers has really taken off and it is really fun to watch their new project, their new home, being built. 
Check Ellie & Jared out on YouTube.

Bonnie Hoellien

Bonnie is Ellie’s sister but with way more sass! I really enjoy watching Bonnie and her husband Joel and 4 kids. Where as Ellie is light, bubbly and sentimental, Bonnie says it like it is! She is very raw, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. She is the type of mom that you admire because she tries to keep up her hair/nails/outfits and who she is on top of a very busy household. She also does beauty tutorials and is really thorough and entertaining throughout. 

Check out Bonnie on YouTube.  

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Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is my go to makeup guru. She is an energetic somewhat spastic host that does a wonderful tutorial with funny faces, wild swinging hands and a whole lot of face highlighter. She is a huge name in the makeup tutorial industry. Her sets are beautiful, the way that she speaks to the camera is also refreshing. She is extremely honest about her makeup sponsership and seems to be extremely loyal to her viewers. Watch her when you get ready for a Friday night, she will get you pumped and inspired.

Check out Jaclyn on YouTube.

Olivia Jade- The Rising Star 

There is something really fun about watching someone who is so close to being on the verge of taking off and who is finding their self in front of the camera. Olivia is the daughter of Fuller House alumn (or Full House) Laurie Laughlin. Olivia is all about fashion, makeup and conversation. She has a really calming presence like another star YouTuber Michelle Phan.

Check out Olivia Jade on YouTube.

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Honorable Mentions

Michelle Phan -Makeup Superstar who presents makeup the same way that Bob Ross presented happy trees.

Bethany Mota -I hesitate to put her on the list because I have a sort of love/hate relationship with her. Her personality is fabulous, she does wonderful fashion , makeup, food and everyday routines, and DIY tutorials. But, she half asses all of her DIYS and it’s a little infuriating and she or her team seems to amp up her videos when they are trying to promote her for some other project. So for these reasons I  am hesitant to include but I am a sucker for her seasonal decor videos. 

Happy Youtubing!

-E. Harris

Stella & Dot Stylist & Blogger

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