You’re Going to Need a Mason Jar, a Bowl, Gift Tags and a Shot of Inspiration

You just leave the shot of inspiration up to me. I spend a lot of time thinking of the gifts that I give to my friends, family and at one time my coworkers. Sometimes my thoughtfulness and my bank account did not line up and so I needed to get creative and other times I was just simply out of time or my “brilliant” idea to try a Pinterest project was a dud. I have decided that there is one addiction that I might be willing to confess to. I am addicted to gift wrap! Don’t think that I take it to hoarder levels I have a very small selection of quality tags, bags and wraps I swear! I found quite a few this year on clearance and as I was organizing I began to think about how I would use some of these new treasures and the ways that I have up-cycled household items for gifts in the past.

Tiny Prints - Labor Day Sale

Gift Wrap and Materials To Have on Hand

There are materials that I always have on hand to use for crafts, entertaining, and for gifts. Here is the short list of suggested materials that I suggest you keep on hand. I know you’re thinking “where does she keep all of this crap?”and it’s a simple answer. I have a modest shelf in my garage where I keep all of my crafting materials until the one day where I have an actual craft room( I bought my Powerball ticket)!



Mason Jars

I have a shelf of Mason jars of various sizes. Not only am I able to use them for crafts and gifts but I use them at house parties to replace the standard plastic cup.



Yarn, Gift Tags, Washi Tape, Paper Straws 

The biggest tip that I can give you is to search the clearance items after christmas and any other major holiday for tags and wrap that can be used year round. I happened to have yarn on hand from another project that I did and loved the look of it around various jars and wrapped presents. Find a yarn that is a neutral color. It’s way cheaper then buying ribbon and it can add a rustic or at times elegant touch to your gift. Washi tape is so amazing! I have rolls of it. My favorite thing to do is to add a small piece of washi tape to a card or to seal a brown/parchment bag. Paper straws are another great and versatile material to have on hand. Whenever we have a get together I like to have a jar of straws that match the event. Whenever I have some left over I keep them to use for small signs, or to tie to jars or bottles.

Gift Ideas

This would be a great christmas gift with some hot cocoa k cups and a small bottle of peppermint schnapps…yummy!
Great things come in small packages. Find a great monogramed cup and add a few K cups or bags of tea to the cup. Then add a great tissue paper and tag. This is a great gift for teachers, coworkers and as a get well present too. How simple is this?

Mason jars, glitter, and a shot of happiness. Does it get any better?
I will admit that I have a few small bottles of alcohol in my freezer. They have really come in handy for last minute gifts. You could even add a cute saying to the tag such as ” ‘shot’ of courage” or “Cheers to you!” I had a friend who jokingly said that she could use an adult beverage. I quickly grabbed a small bottle of her favorite refreshment and placed it in a brown bag with a cute paper straw and a chaser and sealed it with some washi tape and the smile that she had on her face was fantastic!

Do these bowls look familiar? 
For my wedding my husband and I really wanted to do family style dinner service. At the time renting tons of bowls was very expensive and the styles that they had did not match the decor of our wedding. It just so happens that Ikea had a bowl that matched! And so you guessed it. I purchased about 25 of these bowls. When the wedding was over I kept 5 of them for the kitchen, sold a bunch at a garage sale and then turned them into planters or gifts. I picked up some succulents and added another paper straw sign and gave this to a friend for their graduation. You could use anything around the house to do the same.


I’m telling you if you keep some of these items around you too will be able to whip up some creative and thoughtful gifts.

-E. Harris

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

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