How I Make An Income As a Stay at Home Mom

I have spoken a little bit about my switch from being an Assistant Director of a Montessori school to becoming a SAHM but what I have not talked about is all of the ways that I generate an extra income. I realize that not everyone is as lucky to be a stay at home parent and that I am very fortunate that my husbands income provides wonderfully for our family. But there are times when it is just nice to make a little extra money and most of all to challenge myself to think outside of the box. Here are all of the creative ways that I have found to generate extra income for my family.

Social Networking Mom Groups

Did you know that on Facebook neighborhoods usually have mom groups where you can sell your children’s used and unused clothing, toys, and gear? I am a member of these often times closed groups and I post used items for sale there regularly. There are even groups where you can sell your own used purses, clothes, shoes, etc. I have a great way of always generating money from the sale of these clothes and items to pay for the next round of clothing.

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I Get Crafty on Social Media 
Have you heard of the neighborhood social networking site called Nextdoor? It’s a lot like the social media Mom groups on Facebook. I will sometimes come up with a seasonal craft or a party supply item that I will post and sell. I have posted that I am selling cute succulent gifts for end of the year projects or glittered mason jars for parties. I will sometimes sell dozens of these items at a time and the best part is I do what’s called “porch pickup.” Local people pick up these items from my front porch and drop money into my mail slot. It is a great creative outlet for me and you will be surprised at what people are willing to pay for when it is something cute and homemade. 

I ask or I am Asked if I want unused or gently used household goods 

I am lucky enough to have a big family and we all do not hang out to things for too long and like to unclutter often. I am often given items to sell if a friend of family member no longer wants it and I either get the whole profit or half of the profit. I sell items on Nextdoor, poshmark or Facebook and often times do really well with a profit with very little time invested. 

I am a Paid Mother’s Helper

I used my background in childcare to think outside of the box and to get a great gig where I pick up a little girl from school three days a week and drop her off at home. Do you know how many families are looking for transportation only for their children or special needs children? I simply registered on Care.com and was able to get connected with a family. The best part is that it is 3 days a week, I get to bring my daughter along with me, and the pay is great for a half an hour of work. Consider if you might like to provide a similar service or would like to watch another child for a few hours a week. 


As you see I am a blogger. I am currently working on gaining a larger audience as well as figuring out a way to generate an income for sponsorships and paid advertisement. I met with another experienced blogger who writes the blog A Mom Less Ordinary and she was kind enough to give me many helpful tips and tricks. I have registered on shareasale.com and I get paid for the advertisements showcased on this page. It is easy and it generates a little bit of income. If you are wanting to do the same please give Share a try. 

Stella & Dot Stylist

The last way that I generate an extra income and also keep my look up to date is through being a Stella & Dot Stylist. It is something that I truly enjoy and something that is social and profitable. It has given me this great confidence that I never thought that I would gain from wearing and sharing jewelry and accessories. Please email me or give me a shout out bellow if you are interested in hearing more. I lOVE to share any of my thoughts on this and to discuss.

What about you? Have any fun, creative or lucrative ideas on how to make an extra income from home? You don’t even have to be a Mom you can be a Student, retired, a person conquering their disabilities and still getting out there and doing your thing! List what you do down below.

-E. Harris

Blogger & Stella & Dot Stylist

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