DIY Cupcake Flags

There are a few things in this world that I love a great deal. After the obvious husband, daughter, family, dogs, comes glitter, Stella & Dot and cupcakes. I love, love, love cupcakes! Although I can not tell you at the moment what my favorite homemade recipe is I can say that I make one amazing little flag for them. 

I have come across cute flags at the store (I even sell these on my Etsy site). But I love how simple and fun it is to create my own flags for parties and special occasions. I also think that they are a great way to start conversations at parties and trunk shows. 

To make these sweet little flags you will need the following:

  • Washi tape
  • Card stock 
  • Toothpicks 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Printer & Computer 
  • Paper cutter 
  • Scissors 

How To

  1. Start off by making a table on your word document. You can certainly add more rows if you like, but I have found that two works best for me. 
  2. Print your flags out on the cardstock of your choosing. I tend to aim towards simple off white because it just feels really clean to me.
  3. BEFORE cutting the flags off of the paper I place rows of washi tape to the right of the words on the paper. 
  4. Using a paper cutter, or a very steady hand with scissors, begin to cut your rows of flags into single flags.
  5. If you choose too, cut a small triangle piece from the end of the flag with. The washi tape, with the head of your triangle pointed towards your sayings. This forms the cute flag shape.
  6. Fold the flag and create a small crease to the left of the font to create the space where you will hot glue the toothpick in place. You will only need a small dot and once that dot is in place use a flat object or another tooth pick to push the folded edge of the paper to make it flush.
  7. Stick it in your cupcakes and enjoy! 

How cute are these as decor at a trunk show?

– E. Harris 

Blogger & Stella & Dot Stylist 

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